soul manifesto

breathing manifesto : a new black arts movement

a new black arts movement is a community built on the continuation of an ancestral legacy to persist and exist beyond resistance.  It is a movement that redefines, re-envisions, re-imagines a Black centered consciousness and way of being.  The movement connects ideologies and group conscious of oppressed people throughout the world.   A new black arts movement is the movement of the Maroons.  Maroons and Maroonage embody existence, resistance, and all indigenous struggles for self-defense and self-determination.  ::freedom of mind, body, and spirit::

Maroonage is the action to liberate ourselves from the plantation.  To prefigure a new society free from oppression, restrictions and limitations within systems of institutions that oppress us.  Maroon because oppressors have given us the illusion of democracy and freedom, the false pretense of equality and integration.  Maroon because we are divine and deserve more than the crumbs they offer, dreams they sell and promises they break to enslave and chain us.  Maroon because we do not need their validation, assimilation, education or emancipation.  Maroon because patriarchy which birthed capitalism and white supremacy doesn’t work.  It is against the morale, principles and fabrics of our indigenous blood, ancestral heritage and creative souls.

::building revolution through analysis & assessments, education & exchange, and a commitment to study while implementing of the principles of a new black arts movement::

a new black arts movement is:

  • … the continuation of an ancestral legacy of divinity.  We are and were, before slavery and oppression.  A movement that remembers and draws from our purpose.  Our purpose is to live in harmony with mother earth, holding her center to our being and living in accordance with universal law of nurture, nature, and respect to all beings.  We strive to remember an indigenous way: A way that acknowledges and considers seven generations before us and seven generations ahead to assist in the spiritual and physical evolution of our people.

  • …the continuation of an ancestral legacy to honor womyn.  To be revolutionary matriarchs and re-socialize men to be mothers and nurtures.  To see beyond gender and evolve beyond the conditions and limitations society has placed upon all of us, especially our sisters, mothers, and daughters.

  • …. the continuation of an ancestral legacy to practice self-determination. An overstanding of the need for a Maroon Nationality Identity and Leadership to determine the destiny and path to liberation according to respective communities throughout the world that choose to resist and exist against and outside the walls of an oppressive state.

  • … the continuation of an ancestral legacy to recognize the power of art being equivalent to politics.  Executing and witnessing the impact art has on the transformation of the soul and the necessity of science to engage in effective revolutionary politics.

  • …birthed from the original Black Arts Movement of the 1960’s founded by Baba Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou, and our many other ancestors in the struggle for liberation. We honor all of our elders and our youth; together we expand and grow the movement.

a new black arts movement’s purpose is to prefigure a new society guided by the principles of; mother earth centeredness, revolutionary matriarchy, maroon nationality / identity leadership, indigeneity and art equivalent to politics.  

a new black arts movement was developed and founded by spiritchild, a revolutionary black freedom singer (emcee) engaging with the culture of hip hop for the liberation of oppressed peoples throughout the world and the late Fred Ho, a revolutionary asian baritone saxophonist, theorist who developed formations to prefigure a new society with a focus on afro-asian collaborations for the liberation of all oppressed peoples throughout the world.  

*note* we are a new black arts movement, not the new black arts movement, as we are not the only black arts movement- we are part of a movement of various formations that work toward the liberation of our people.

a new black arts movement does not contain capitals, as we are anti authoritarians and do not believe in hierarchical formations.  it is also purposeful to not bring attention to our formation, as we are focused on the objectives toward prefiguring a new society – not the name given to such a movement.  it is the functionality of our movement that is of importance. as noted by bell hooks; ‘bell hooks’ is written in lowercase to try to convey how “it is the substance of my books, not who is writing them, that is important”

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