#fuckpatriarchy by Nejma Nefertiti

from our cadre comrade comp@ Nejma Shea. read her powerful assessments and be a revolutionary matriarch. if you are for liberation, this is for you.
“women are reclaiming and will reclaim their rights as human beings and divine entities
nothing lasts forever except for the soul which lives on and on
but it is inevitable that we will uprise
it’s in the air
don’t be surprised when our revolution emerges
because it will
and it is
all women experience the oppression and degradation of patriarchy
this is something all of us have in common
but it is evident and real that black, brown, and indigenous women experience this much worse
white women with money and comfortability are needed if you can just check yourself and your privilege
be humble, honor, and acknowledge the struggle women of color face
and we will honor yours in solidarity
I’m talking about poor indigenous black and brown women who have suffered alone in their homes
who have no voice and no way
I am talking about the women this article speaks of who may not read about “feminism” but live it for real every day
it’s one thing to study something
it’s an entirely different thing to actually suffer it
enough is enough
don’t be surprised when we take up arms and defend ourselves and each other
do expect us to do this by any means necessary
don’t be surprised how many men will fight this
and will get shot down one way or another
some women will fight this too
this is a problem amongst us as a species fueled by hate, threat, envy, and jealousy
see there is no justice and no peace
so don’t expect some kind of polite and peaceful protest
we’ve been doing that
and we are sick of it
and it’s not working
because women’s clits are still being cut off and worn around men’s necks
patriarchy does not bend
does not listen
does not care
it only oppresses
it oppressed our ancestors and continues to oppress us now
so I encourage our men to stand with us and fight for us in solidarity in ways that are tangible
not just with words
or get left in the ashes of this continuous war we are left to fight
a war we did not ask for
a war we did not start
a war that began long ago birthed by disrespect, enslavement, rape, and murder of women worldwide with no intention to stop
we will and are cleverly becoming bigger and stronger and we will use what we must to protect ourselves and our legacy as queens, mothers, empresses, nurturers, healers, life givers, witches, magicians, and goddesses
if this is too harsh for some to read I do not apologize
we apologize too much
we must be apologized to
in action

Nejma Nefertiti
multi media hip hop artist/cultural producer/revolutionary goddess/perfumer
in response to this article below

“There is, then, intellectual knowledge – the stuff of research studies and think pieces – and there is experiential knowing. Both are important, and women from all backgrounds might possess both. But we rarely exalt the knowing, which is the only kind of feminism many working women have.

Parton’s career took off at the same moment the women’s liberation movement did, providing a revealing contrast between feminism as political concept and feminism embodied in the world.

Like most women in poverty, Parton knew little of the former but excelled at the latter. You won’t get very far as a poor woman without believing you are equal to men. The result of that belief is unlikely to be a leaning in, Sandberg’s possibly sound advice to middle- and upper-class women seeking to claim the spoils enjoyed by the men in their offices and homes. A poor woman’s better solution is often to turn around and walk away from a hopelessly patriarchal situation that she cannot possibly mend with her limited cultural capital.”

Working-class women are too busy for gender theory – but they’re still feminists


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